Conte: “Something is changing in Premier League”

Conte: “Something is changing in Premier League”

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Antonio Conte believes that Chelsea can improve with the switch to 3-4-3 system in Premier League.

“The first time I changed to this system was against Arsenal for the last 25 minutes and then we continued with this idea of football. – Conte told the club’s official website – For sure in this month we have developed, we have worked a lot on this system, and for sure I have to say thanks to my players because they had the right concentration, the right attitude, the right will to stay more than before in the training sessions and now it is easier than one month ago”.

“We know we can improve a lot on different aspects – the pressure on the ball, quickly being more compact – for sure we have to improve”.

About the Premier League: “I think in England something is changing because there are different coaches from different countries and they are bringing new different ideas and new methods and new philosophies of football, and I think this is very good for the English league”.

“In the pre-season I preferred to work on the concept, on the principles and then you develop the system of play, but I always knew this squad could play with this 3-4-3 system. In my mind there was this possibility”.

“I knew the characteristic of the players and for this reason when I spoke to the club and we planned the season, this system was an alternative to the 4-2-4.”

“I think that a manager must improve his players, – Conte added – It is important to work with the team but also one-to-one to bring out the talent of the players, to improve the weaknesses and become strengthened”.

“Here at Chelsea we have a lot of talent but now we are working a lot with these players and I am pleased to see the great attitude and the great will to improve, and to play for the team because when you want to win something important, it is important to be a team.”

About the backroom staff: “In my staff I have many people and I prefer to give them their responsibilities because I think it is important to have direct relationships with each player, especially to explain the physical work. It is important this type of work is done directly with the player, and to explain to them if someone wants to know why we do this type of work”.

“So I have two coaches for the physical work, two for the metabolic work and one for the strength work, and then I have two assistant coaches and also my brother who helps me to prepare for the games with analysis studying the opponent and studying our game”.

Former Chelsea goalkeeper Carlo Cudicini is the new Team Manager under Antonio Conte, who revealed he is ‘a very important person at this moment’.

“I also have Carlo Cudicini who is helping me and the other staff a lot with his experience because he knows the club well. He is helping to create a good relationship with the players”.

“Communication is very important. It is important not only the manager but the staff feel their responsibility. The manager is the boss but you must give the opportunity to your staff to exploit their knowledge. It is important when you are in a great team to have good staff to help you in every moment of the day”.