Courtois admits he can play regularly despite bloodshot eye

Courtois admits he can play regularly despite bloodshot eye

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Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois underlined that is ready to recover from the left eye injury which the Belgium international suffered after the Manchester United game a few weeks ago.

“After the Manchester United game I came home and got sick, – he revealed¬†– I had to vomit a few times and you force yourself, and it was just a vein that popped in my eye”.

“It looks scary. It was the Halloween period so then it was okay but now it’s not going away. They said 10 days and it’s already been two and a half weeks but it doesn’t affect me in the game”.


“Some pictures look worse than it is. There’s nothing to do about it.” Courtois added.

About the great season that the Blues’ showed so far, he ended: “We cannot relax because maybe last year we went too easy into the season because we were champions the year before. We have to keep the focus, ambition and hunger to win and, if we keep that, then maybe in May we can lift that trophy”.

“The clean sheets are nice but, apart from against Leicester and Manchester United, I didn’t have too much work to do. That’s part of the teamwork. If you defend well you keep clean sheets and that’s what’s happening with Belgium and Chelsea.”