Courtois: “Chelsea’s lack of European football is not an advantage”

Courtois: “Chelsea’s lack of European football is not an advantage”

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Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois told the club’s official website that Antonio Conte‘s side ‘defend very well as a team’ after the massive win against Arsenal last time out.

“It’s not only the three or the five in front of me, it’s because all the team do their job and if we play like that it’s hard for other teams to score goals, – said the Belgian star – The players don’t want to relax. We know we still have 14 games to go so we just want to show that we are strong and we don’t want to lose points”.

“Next we go to Burnley, which is always difficult. It’s all about the next game and we have to be ready for that”. 

Chelsea do not play Champions League this season, following their last disappointing season under Mourinho and Hiddink.

“In some ways it’s good, in other ways maybe not as everybody wants to play in Europe and if you’re in the rhythm of playing a game every three or four days, sometimes you can play better, even though it’s harder at the end of the season”.

“We have a lot of people on the bench who want to play and maybe haven’t had as many minutes as they deserve, and if we had European football they would have played more minutes. The other year, when we were champions, we had European football so I don’t think it makes a big difference”.