Courtois:”I don’t want to win the Europa League”

Courtois:”I don’t want to win the Europa League”

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Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has stressed that in his opinion it would be a huge embarrassment for Chelsea if they would lost tonight against FC Porto and drop into the Europa League.

Today’s match at Stamford Bridge is really a struggle for survival. The team that wins today, you can be sure of reaching the next round of the Champions League. While the defeated will be playing in the Europa League, and Chelsea’s goalkeeper makes no secret that this is not the pinnacle of his ambition for this season.

Courtois said:

”Yes, of course. We’re a team to go in the Champions League and go as far as we can.”

”But we’re confident we’ll get the win and get through. A team like Chelsea has to have the goal to win the Champions League so, obviously, we don’t want to be in the Europa League.”

“I don’t want to win the Europa League,”

“It would be a big disappointment for me. I don’t want my players to feel the Europa League is our competition.”

“When I returned, I felt the experience of Chelsea playing Europa League was not good.”

“The Europa League is a different level of competition for a different level of player and a different level of club.”

The Belgium international has also ensured that just one goal will be enough for Hazard to unlock himself and found his form:

“This season, a lot of players that last season were top and playing really well, have struggled a bit more to be decisive.”

“Eden is important for us. He makes good actions. He doesn’t score at the moment, but he scored four for Belgium in the last few months.”

“That moment will come. If he scores one, he’ll score a lot more.”