David Luiz: “I want to be a defensive leader”

David Luiz: “I want to be a defensive leader”

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Chelsea defender David Luiz, when asked about the importance of his teammates in a three-man defense, told the club’s official website: “We have to be more tactical, reflect more, find the right position and call the line up and down,”

“I have the best job in the world and it doesn’t matter which system we play, – the former Paris Saint-Germain star, who came back to Stamford Bridge last summer – You need to do what’s required in your particular role but I want to do my best for the team, not for myself. I have to be alert, to look around and to cover because it’s important for me to have that vision”.

About teammates Cesar Azpilicueta and Gary Cahill: ‘I think Azpi and Gary have more opportunities on the ball than me in this formation but against Leicester I was able to get on the ball a lot. When you play with three in defence you try to play out from the back into midfield so they can create more”.

“I have that side of my personality, to be a leader and to organise. A leader needs to be available to give something for others. I’ve had that in my character since I was young but of course I understand that now there is a responsibility, as somebody who has been here before and played many games, to use the experiences I’ve picked up in my career to help the youngsters.”

About Victor Moses‘ impressive start to the season, David Luiz added: “Mr Conte gives us a lot of information in order for us to understand our role on the pitch and Victor has taken it all in,”

“He’s playing very well and when he gets the ball he’s so strong, he has quality, pace and he can go one against one. He can also defend very well because he has all the attributes, he just needs to get that defensive sense, which he’s learning, because he’s never played in that position before. He’s doing very well and I’m really happy for him because he deserves it, he’s a great guy.”

The 29-year-old started his European career in Lisbon with Benfica, then moved to London and Paris, now Geezer is an ‘englishman’ again.

‘I’m a lucky guy because I’ve lived in Lisbon, Paris and now London again, three great cities, where there’s fantastic entertainment, so much to do here and I’m living close to where I was before”.

“My family will be coming over in December because they are taking care of my charity back in Brazil right now, so they will spend Christmas with me. It will be nice to have my mum, dad, sister and nephews with me, I’ll be very happy. They are my oxygen.”