Del Bosque: “Costa is being demonised”

Del Bosque: “Costa is being demonised”

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Spain manager Vicente Del Bosque has come to the defence of Chelsea forward Diego Costa, despite dropping him from the Spanish national team this week. He feels that the striker is being unfairly treated in the Premier League.

“From what I’ve seen, they have demonised Costa a lot and maybe that’s why [there are some who don’t want him in the squad] but the last episode isn’t so serious, honestly.”

“He was putting in effort to play because it was Chelsea’s last chance to get something and he plays with great excitement.

“That’s a good part of his approach. He also has other things that are bad, but I don’t want either to change.

“If we called him it’s because we already know him, but I don’t like that he does ugly things, but the other day wasn’t like that.”