Drogba: “Lukaku wants to prove to be successful at Chelsea”

Drogba: “Lukaku wants to prove to be successful at Chelsea”

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Chelsea legend Didier Drogba backs a Romelu Lukaku‘s return to Stamford Bridge.

The former Ivorian striker believes the Everton star could be “great” for his club:

“If he comes to Chelsea it will be great for the club,” said Drogba.

“He knows the house already and I think he wants to prove he can be successful here, he didn’t get the chance to do it.”

Lukaku spent three years at Chelsea earlier in his career before he followed a season on loan with the Blues by moving to Everton on a permanent deal for £28m back in summer 2014: now the Toffees are asking a £80m fee to let him go.

“He wants to be the best. He’s really working hard to become the best.

“I am always challenging him. When he scores one goal, I expect him to score two. We have a very good relationship.

“I think he’s my little brother. He’s a really good guy. He’s a very good player, but also a great man.

“I know him very well and I know what he’s planning.”

But when asked by Sky Sports whether he would reveal Lukaku’s intentions, Drogba replied: “No.”