Five Chelsea fans contest banning order

Five Chelsea fans contest banning order

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Clockwise from top left: Barklie, Simpson, Munday, Parsons and Callis

Five Chelsea fans who were accused of chanting racist abuse ahead of Chelsea’s Champions League game in Paris in February have contested a banning order as they appeared before magistrates earlier.

Richard Barklie, 50, Dean Callis, 32, Joshua Parsons, 20, William Simpson, 26 and Jordan Murray, 20, appeared before Waltham Forest Magistrates Court charged with the offence after a video emerged of Chelsea fans singing racist chants and refusing to let a black French man on to the Paris Metro, ahead of Chelsea’s Champions League match against Paris St. Germain on 17th February. Barklie, a former policeman for the Royal Ulster Constabulary in Northern Ireland, has denied taking the part in the incident. His legal team said “He did not participate in racist chanting and singing and condemns any behaviour supporting that.”

Scotland Yard has said it is seeking banning orders for all five of the accused, with the Chelsea fans contesting the ‘draconian’¬†banning order. Their civil case has been adjourned until July.

If found guilty, a banning order can restrict a person’s movements from around three to five years.

Last month’s incident received worldwide damnation from the footballing world, but Chelsea were quick to respond, launching a large anti-racism campaign swiftly after. The club have also apologised to Souleymane S, the man identified as being blocked from boarding the train.