Former Arsenal director brands Costa a “serial cheat”

Former Arsenal director brands Costa a “serial cheat”

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Peter Hill-Wood, former Arsenal chairman from 1982 to 2013 has said that Diego Costa is a serial cheat and should have been shown the red card instead of Mertersacker in the London Derby that finished with a Chelsea victory and Costa scoring the only goal in the game.

Costa went through on goal in the 19th minute and was brought down by a sliding tackle by Per Mertersacker. He was sent off and 5 minutes later Costa went on to score.

“He is a serial cheat and he gets away with it,” Hill-Wood told the daily star “I think he deliberately ran in front of Mertesacker, who hardly touched him.

“Personally I think the referee should have sent him [Costa] off for diving. It’s very annoying because to me it is blatant.”

Former Liverpool centre back Jamie Carragher analysed the decision after the game and couldn’t disagree more. He said it to be a “100% red card”. The replay shows Mertersacker looking across the line when he goes to ground to make the tackle and not looking at the ball and Carragher says this is “bizarre”

“I think its a 100% certain red card. Is he looking for the linesman? Is he looking for Koscielny? If you’re going for the ball, go for the ball and make the challenge. I’ve never seen anything like it. Bizarre. Stupid”

Mertersacker will face a suspension and miss The Gunners next 3 matches which will be a big blow to the London club and their challenge for the title.