Former Chelsea star Melchiot says Moses’ position is crucial

Former Chelsea star Melchiot says Moses’ position is crucial

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Former Chelsea defender Mario Melchiot told the club’s official website that he has been impressed with his old Wigan team-mate Victor Moses.

“Roberto Martinez was very impressed by his talent at Wigan and we once talked about how we couldn’t believe no big club could see it, – Melchiot wrote on his blog – He sometimes had to learn to be more focused, not just in the games but in training. He was only 20 years old back then, and I think that’s something every young star has to deal with when they break through”.

“It didn’t take long before Chelsea saw Victor’s qualities and snapped him up. Then there was a long loan out process at a number of clubs until Antonio Conte came and changed the system”. 

“He put Victor in a role where he had way more responsibility than he was used to. In the United game I saw Victor in his own box more than I’ve ever seen him in a game; back-tracking and winning balls and headers like he was a defender.”

Moses is currently playing as right wing-back under Antonio Conte and Melchiot believes ‘it is a fun position to cover’.

“It asks for a lot of fitness, but also intelligence because you need to be on time, helping out the defence, but when the team goes forward you need to be there to give them the outside option and even take people on to deliver a cross into the box,”

“It’s a fun position to play because you always get the ball and are super active. But you always need to keep your focus and remember you can’t slip up, or you’ll pay for it”.

Then he ended: “Moses has managed to adjust and handle his new role well and I hope he can keep this great form going.”