Hazards bet brings added pressure

Hazards bet brings added pressure

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Chelsea winger Eden Hazard hasn’t performed his best in this years campaign. He had a poor run of form previous to Christmas and injuries have also hindered his season.

It’s been revealed that Hazard has added pressure this season after making a bet with his two brothers, Thorgan and Kyllian, before the campaign began. So not only does he have the pressure of impressing his new manager and performing for his team-mates and fans, he also has a competition with his brothers to win. Thorgan Hazard, Eden’s younger brother who plays for Borussia Munchengladbach, has been talking to The Set Pieces, telling them that he and his two brothers have a bet on who can score the most goals and get the most assists during the season.

“We have a competition every year also with my other brother who plays in Hungary [Kyllian].

“It’s a simple one, too – the player with the fewest goals and assists at the end of the season buys dinner for the other two brothers.

“I need to score and give assists because I don’t want to pay. For the moment it’s a big competition between us.”