Hazard’s father: “Eden never said he wanted to play for PSG”

Hazard’s father: “Eden never said he wanted to play for PSG”

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Eden Hazard © Francesca Ceciarini

Eden Hazard‘s father dismisses again speculations over his son joining Paris Saint Germain next summer.

The Belgian player was booed and criticised by some Chelsea fans after last Champions League game for his lack of commitment and also for swapping his shirt with [Angel] Di Maria at half-time, a gesture that for some people showed how much Hazard is not really focused into games.

But his father, that already spoke on his behalf in the past difficult months for the Blues number 10, spoke to French media Le Soir to dismiss any rumour of Eden moving to France in the next transfer window.

Let’s be clear: Eden has never said he wanted to play for PSG,Thierry Hazard said.

“He has only said that it’s a big club and anyone would want to play there.

“He’s got a contract [at Chelsea] until 2020. There’s no question of him leaving at the moment.”

About Eden’s current disappointing performances said:

“He has been carrying an inflammation in the hip for three or four months now.

“It’s not a serious injury, but it’s painful. You can compare it with the feeling of getting stabbed.

“Instead of giving him time to rest, and heal completely, Eden has been forced to play, especially when it comes to important matches.

“He has no choice.”