Hiddink confirms Pato and Miazga deals and claims Remy could leave

Hiddink confirms Pato and Miazga deals and claims Remy could leave

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Guus Hiddink press conference ahead of MK Dons clash in the FA CUP:

“I don’t know what Diego Costa did before I arrived but I know what he is doing now, and I have very happy with his performances and his attitude, he’s very nice with everyone outside the pitch, he is focused on his job.

“John Terry is still bringing a lot of leadership that is very important for the team, regarding his future at Chelsea – also in a managerial role- we have to see.

“I will have to think very cleverly how to get everyone fit for the next months, where we have also Champions League fixtures.

“The wins help, also in training, you see the guys’ wish to win games also there.

“With Arsenal was a Premier League game but not only, since it’s a derby, but I appreciated a lot the way we played there, with the right attitude, pressing high…the team played very well.

“The fourth spot mathematically is still possible, so we will do everything to get there as long as there is the possibility. But there are also other targets.

Pato‘s situation is stuck for burocratic papers, but we don’t rush.

“Loic Remy has got a little injury in his calf, but we will see what happens in the upcoming days for the market.

“Gary Cahill is very happy to stay at Chelsea .He is of big value and will prove that in the upcoming time.

Of course if players are not playing frequently then they must get a bit frustrated and I talked to him a few days ago about his situation. I like to do that with my key players and that’s what he is. He’s not to be considered one of the ‘second two’. He is of big importance and will be in the upcoming games.

“He was very open and very clear that he loves to play with this club. He’s very happy here but of course not playing, there’s a little frustration. That’s normal. I like his attitude in training very much. He never gives up and there was no hint from this side [that he wants to leave].

Cuadrado permanently at Juventus not in this moment, we will see the club strategy for the upcoming season.

Miazgba is a promising player. We’re not rushing but he will be one of the squad members for the future. [He is a] young guy, stepping up to the national team. You can see what players are capable of in training so I think we will sign him permanently and he will stay with us for the rest of the season, not going on loan anywhere.

“Remy’s minor injury won’t stop him in case he needs to transfer to another club.

“The FA Cup is important non just for me, the club also cares because is a title, we are here to aim the group on targets, and the FA Cup is a target.

“I don’t see Pato close to Romario, if you see the records of Romario – even if it was many years ago- I don’t see Pato being compared to him. This is a very demanding league and he has to get ready.

Pato was a promising youngster in Milan, he was also a nice player to see, but after Milan he went to Brazil – where football is very different and now he has another chance to make a step in Europe. So it’s good to have him on loan so we can see what he can bring. When he comes in we have to allow him time to settle down, to get used to a very demanding league. Then it’s up to him to make this gap smaller and smaller.

“If you looked at the table before Christmas the team was one point from relegation zone, and we made a little progress, but we are not still where Chelsea would be in this league. FA Cup would be a huge achievement.

“Cahill is very happy, he is a value for the club, as far as I am concerned he has to stay here, he signed a new contract recently, and he loves to be here.

“Pato is not a gamble, he’s coming on loan, it makes possible to make a good view on him, we will give him our full support but it’s up to him. When you buy players you take the risk, but having him on loan give you the chance to value. He cannot be fully fit yet, but he will do the best to get on the high level.

“After the transfer window will be shut next Monday everything will be more quiet and we can focus more on our job.”