Hiddink: “Disappointed for not getting the three points”

Hiddink: “Disappointed for not getting the three points”

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Chelsea boss Guus Hiddink © Francesca Ceciarini

Guus Hiddink press conference after Watford game:

“I’m disappointed because we didn’t get the deserved three points.

“My former goalie Gomes was given man of the match and he highly deserves it because he made some tremendous saves in the last period of the game when we were threatening to go for the win.

“We dominated and controlled the game more in the second half than in the first, when they had some periods of danger with their set-pieces. Although they were not big chances it was the only period we had a little problem.

“Second half we deserved to win and regarding that we would have loved to have the three points here, but this is a not a league where you can easily win.

“Step by step we are getting more and more to the way we would like to play in terms of organisation and creating chances. We were not rewarded as we should have been tonight but I think the team is going into another state of play.

Hiddink also analysed what has changed since the last game with Watford in the Boxing Day, his first one in charge of Chelsea in his second spell at the club:

“Our team was a little bit more insecure at the time of the 2-2 at Stamford Bridge. We are a little better organised and a bit more creative though tonight we didn’t reward ourselves. There is more stability and consistency now in the team.

Hiddink spoke about Diego Costa’s yellow card:

“It was very clear because it was just 10 yards from our bench. Paredes punched Diego in his back and after that they stumbled and Paredes put his hands to his head, but Diego was nowhere near his head. It was provocation to get someone off the pitch. Happily the ref and the assistant saw it.

“Diego was calm and in control at half-time. There was nothing needed from me or the other players to calm him down.”

Hazard was on the bench today and came on the pitch on the second time:

“Eden played in the FA Cup for a longer period. He is coming back from a difficult time with two injuries. We are being careful with him as we have a lot of games coming up now.

“I am happy with the way he played when he came on. The judgement is when to bring him on. We were in control and then we tried to get him to make the final punch which we almost did. For himself it’s good to go step by step and we have a lot of games coming up when we need all the players.”