Hiddink: “Hazard and Costa are available for Arsenal”

Hiddink: “Hazard and Costa are available for Arsenal”

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Chelsea boss Guus Hiddink © Francesca Ceciarini

Guus Hiddink press conference ahead of Arsenal clash at the Emirates ( 22 January 2016):

“Hazard was in the team this week, he worked well with the physios, yesterday and today he full trained with the group, so he’s available”

“Diego Costa was in the training yesterday and today so he will be available as well”

“I don’t think so much in the past, this is a huge game and like every game in England it will be intense”

“Being unbeaten since I arrived doesn’t mean that in some days we have to be unconsistent”

“We don’t talk too much about our position in the table, but if you see the statistics is true that we are closer to relegation spots than Champions League spots: we don’t have to look down, but up”

“Arsenal is doing very well in the league, Chelsea are down under, in this moment is reality”

“I said last week that the more open the window is, the more my mouth will be shut”

“In football if you don’t defend well, not just in the back but also up front, then you are caught. If you don’t work also in the midfield or forward, then come the problems”

“We practice corners and other things, but sometimes we look like paralised, so we don’t have to repeat mistakes”

“Arsenal got a very good selection of players in their squad, not just the top players, so also if they had many injuries I am not surprised of their position in the league”

“I’m convinced that the team will give everything on Sunday to get a result, but of course it will be a little different than in the past”

“On Diego: first of all a player must bring the quality, and sometimes they need a little help to do that”

“Ivanovic is very important for Chelsea, he is one of the charachters of this team, he’s become a key member of this team and squad. He can play very well also as a central defender, not only right full-back.

“Petr [Cech] showed up here yesterday afternoon or the other afternoon [to collect his new gloves that Adidas sent to Chelsea training ground by mistake] and it was nice, we had a chat.

“Almost everyone was gone. We tried to hide them, also we tried to make them slippery but he discovered that. They were sent here and we gave them back. That’s the story.

“I don’t see much relation between this game and Man United game: we are not super concerned about the table, but we look the reality.We are not panicking about that, we want to get a result every game”

“Christian Atsu needs to play and I adviced him to go to play, because he needs to play”