Hiddink: “Hazard is desperate to perform for Chelsea”

Hiddink: “Hazard is desperate to perform for Chelsea”

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Eden Hazard © Francesca Ceciarini

Guus Hiddink press conference ahead of FA CUP Everton clash

FA CUP TO RESCUE THE SEASON – It’s a very important cup to go for but i don’t to undervalue the classification in the premier league, we had to come out from the zone, so I think it might be difficult to qualifyy for European position, of course now we go for the clash with Everton

EUROPEAN CUPS QUALIFICATION– There are some teams like West Ham that are doing very well, they are knocking on that door, if not 4th they can finish 6th, but we cannot say the season is over, if we have a big failure tomorrow….. but I think we also have to think to go as far as we can in th PL

PSG KO -” We lost and we were disappointed, also psychologically there is always a setback, now the players have to respond.”

HAZARD – “I think his father made a fair judgement, he was very humble, when you play on an injury you are not fully fit and you miss some freshness. He will be ok and available for the weekend. He’s desperate to participate in the team performance, we haven’t’ spoken yet about what happened on Wednesday, I don’t want to overvalue that because in some countries that is normal. He hasn’t given me his explanation yet.

“Every now and then I see that he’s capable of beautiful things some players have difficult times, that is what he’s doing in training as well…sometimes if I see he doesn’t feel well I tell him to train individually.

“Most of the players ask for a little bit of help, we did it with everyone, we help them to find a path, we try to help him to arrive as soon as possible at the level he’s expected.”

SPECULATION – “I don’t like to speculate, but I guess the club is doing a serious project, I think Chelsea is a very attractive club to play for, some clubs have one good performance for one year, that doesn’t mean they have a good project, so they are not so attractive to players.”

TERRY – “He worked well in the past days, He will be included in the travel list for today, he intensified his training in the last two days. I like him to travel to Liverpool.”

BENITEZ/NEWCASTLE – “Rafa has big experience, not just in Premier League, he’s done a lot of experience, also in Madrid, I know which kind of club is that, it’s a beautiful club every day you feel the heat on you.
About Steve McLare, it’s always sad when a colleague has to go.”

TECHNOLOGY on the PITCH –  “Yes, I am a fan, finally we had it. We experimented that in the 80s when I was at PSV, we were looking for offsides by video control.”

“It will help the referees as well, we could see it also in the last Spurs v Arsenal, with the ball still two inches touching the line, so it will help everyone, big help. I think it’s very good, we have to learn also from more modern sports.”

FA CUP- “It is important not just for me, but for the club, for England, there is a lot of attention on this trophy from all over the world.”

DIEGO COSTA – “He had some problems, he rested and had treatment, I cannot say if he can be fit, he’s got a hip injury as well.”