Hiddink: “I asked the players to look in the mirror. We still...

Hiddink: “I asked the players to look in the mirror. We still got targets”

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Chelsea boss Guus Hiddink © Francesca Ceciarini

Guus Hiddink press conference ahead of Watford clash:

“If I am here again it’s meaning that things are not going well, but I’m glad to be back, a few years ago I was here in a similar situation, first of all I shouldn’t be here, but I am here, and I am glad to be here.

“Yeah, [I think] I can fix the problems, if you look back a bit to last season where there was a huge success winning the title, then of course the next season you got similar targets; Chelsea lost their main target [the Premier League] but we got other targets like Champions League and FA Cup. Maybe they relaxed a little bit as a team, to be one point from relegation like last week, it’s hard for everyone.

“I think the team played well last Saturday in the first half, not all the time because there were some sloppy moments, but it was good to see that quality was there.

“Yesterday I talked to the squad and of course we spoke a little bit about the past, the reasons I am here, I asked everyone to look in the mirror, and I said to them to move on and look forward. I said them to give the best of themselves.

There must be a great desire to play, if they don’t have this desire, please knock on my door and we will speak about him.

“I was delighted to train a great professional like Didier Drogba here some years ago, now he is playing in Montreal Impact, every club got specific figures that must have given the opportunity…they give a brand to Chelsea, they give image.

“Being interim manager is very good, the future is to be determined. We don’t know yet if the contract will be extended, it depends also on the results.

“About my last experiences as a coach, I guess with Russia we did a good European championship, with Turkey we went very close to our target, unfortunately I couldn’t finish my job at Holland national team, and I was very disappointed about that decision, we were aiming to get it done in the last 3-4 games of the qualification round.

“To Chelsea fans I can say that no manager cannot guarantee 3 points result every week but we have to show to ourselves and to other people that the team has big desire to come back where it was last year.

“I don’t want to have long conversation [with players and people at the club], I didn’t want to ask too much information, because the information sometimes is..”coloured”. I don’t want to get much info because they have to show now what they are capable to do. I have my own judgement.

“I had two training sessions with the team, I cannot see that the players have a lack of ambition and desire at the moment, I have nothing to complain regarding that.

“Mathematically Champions League qualification is still possible, but this league is very difficult, you see it when Leicester is top of the league, it means that all teams they can kill each other.

“I think Premier League has changed since I was here last time, it’s more competitive now

“Now I got a different group of players [respect to last time I managed Chelsea]: I had players like Drogba, Lampard, Essien, Ballack, big players but also leaders. Now I got different players, it’s difficult to compare.

“Of course I got sympathy for José Mourinho, if you look at his records and you see how many titles he has won, in so many countries, you got a lot of respect for him, but these things happen in football, people take decisions…

“Yes, it’s true that players haven’t performed, but I guess there isn’t one coach in the world that hasn’t been sacked.

“I have a lot of respect for Watford and the way they play, they got a lot discipline, they have good strikers…I have a lot of respect for them, we have to go all the way.

“When I see the players playing now in the training, when I saw them the other day in the first half, I see that they are good…what I usually do I make a spine in the team, with key players, so you can control better the team.

Hazard had a terrific season last year and I think is also normal you have a little of relaxation after that, recently he was also unlucky with injuries, today he trained [with the rest of the squad] for the first time, we see if he can perform.

John Terry proved that he can be a leader of this team.

Drogba: he’s an Impact player, but he can be huge for the club.

“My contract: let’s go half-way May, and let’s see what happened. It’s not an overnight decision I took, I have to feel the decision in my stomach, in my guts.

Manchester United are struggling as well, there is no doubt, but that’s what we said before, the Premier League is very competitive.

“I hope the fans will support the team, I saw what happened last Saturday against Sunderland and I guess the fans must express themselves about the recent past, but the team also has to show the fans they deserve their support.

“About the youngsters, I have to be convinced by their qualities to give them the chance.