Hiddink: “I hope everyone is on board for the second leg”

Hiddink: “I hope everyone is on board for the second leg”

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Guus Hiddink during last year's spell at Chelsea © Francesca Ceciarini

Guus Hiddink press conference after PSG defeat in Champions League:

“I think it’s still 50-50,’Of course a defeat is never a good or a nice feeling but you have to consider it’s a two-legged game.

“Scoring away is always good and we emphasise that. We had good, tactical defensive organisation. On top of that we were dangerous but we were not lethal with the four or five counters we had.

“It’s not a dramatic loss. Losing 2-1, we are still in the race.”

On team defensive work:
“Bearing in mind we were playing a very good strong team the performance of our players was tactically very good. I repeat we could have been more lethal on the counter.

“The players did well, and not just the four defenders. We also had midfielders who did good defensive work. We had to reshuffle. Two weeks ago we played with Zouma and Terry, meaning also the full-backs had different positions. I’m happy with all their performances.”

On the chances to knock PSG out:

“We were a little bit nervous in the first 10 minutes. After that we started playing and got some chances and were a little bit unlucky with our final ball. We had possibilities before the equaliser. We had one or two chances to hurt them and they got a little bit unstable by the way we played.”

On Hazard:

He was a threat going forward. He had some good runs. This was a game with a high intensity and after 65 or 70 minutes it was enough. He will be better and better.”

On PSG again:

“They know how to defend. We also have the quality to outplay their midfield one on one which we did several times with Willian. Their defence has to make choices as well.

“They have a nose for creating danger where you are weak. You must be very alert because if you lack concentration for three or four seconds they will take advantage as they did for their second goal.

“There are some weeks to prepare for it and I hope everyone is on board for the second leg.”