Hiddink: “I will help Pato to make the next step, I’m curious…”

Hiddink: “I will help Pato to make the next step, I’m curious…”

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Guus Hiddink spoke to Chelsea website about the Blues new signing Alexandre Pato:

“He was used to playing as a striker in Milan when he accomplished his promise in certain periods.

“We want him to play as a striker as well, maybe with a slightly different style, and second or third to Diego Costa who is of huge importance to us. Recently he has played a little bit more in the advanced midfield position as a number 10 or on the left or the right.

“We will measure his physical fitness. It also depends on his body and whether he gets in shape quickly or not. He can be an athletic player; he doesn’t need weeks and weeks to lose the kilos. We will test him physically then put him in training sessions and we can rapidly see when he will be available.

“I haven’t watched him live but I have watched him in several video clips. I am curious to see him on the pitch.

“If he didn’t have a lot of desire then I don’t think he would have made this step to the Premier League.

“He could have been a little easy and say life goes on, but making this step gives him the first benefit after some doubts that occurred in the previous years.

“He could have been playing in Brazil which, with all respect to the Brazilian league, is a little bit different to the Premier League. There is a little bit more space in Brazil whereas here there is a higher tempo, less space, less time and that’s why you must respect his decision to come on loan.

“He made good appearances in Milan but you wonder always why he didn’t then make the second step. That’s why it’s good to have him here in the condition we do, so we can see. I will help him to try and make the next step but it’s up to him.

“I want to underline that it’s good to have him on loan, to say we would like you to play where we think you can be of high value.”