Hiddink: “It’s a boost for the confidence of the players”

Hiddink: “It’s a boost for the confidence of the players”

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Guus Hiddink press conference after the win against Manchester City in FA Cup.

On the game:

We knew we would play against a team with some changes but it’s not always easy when youngsters are coming in.

“They had a back four with experienced players, and youngsters in midfield and attack, but they caused a threat at the beginning and did well with the equaliser.

“You have to be very aware to not make stupid mistakes or get sloppy or complacent. We got sloppy with our organisation when they equalised but we had a very good reaction in the second half. It was key that we started well in the second half and got an early second or third goal.

“When the team does the job it has to do – tactical disciplined and organised defensively, and pressing high – then automatically the quality will show.

“If you win 5-1 last week, if you have an okay performance and result in Paris, and now today 5-1 against Man City then of course it’s a boost for the confidence of the players. It’s good to see that.’

Everton next rival, like in the 2009 FA Cup final:

It was a long time ago. I have good memories but that’s the past. They will remember that as well. Some might still be in the team so they’ll go for revenge. We had a difficult game against them here. We hope to maintain our flow in the FA Cup when we play them there. It won’t be easy.”

On the importance of the FA Cup in England and abroad:

“On one hand the programme for many clubs is rather harsh, on the other hand you can play every three or four days, especially if your squad is broad quality-wise.

“We mustn’t forget the tradition of English football. I remember watching the FA Cup as a youngster on TV, it’s the temple of football. Winning the FA Cup is beautiful worldwide. We must be careful not to devalue it.”