Hiddink: “Players answered with performances”

Hiddink: “Players answered with performances”

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Guus Hiddink speaks about his experience at Chelsea in these last two months and praise his staff for the precious help they are giving him:

Working here is different and I’m enjoying every day.

“It’s satisfying and I like to emphasise I’m not doing it by myself, I’m responsible and I like to take the lead but I’m depending on my technical team for professionalism.

Steve Holland, Eddie Newton, Chris Jones and Christophe Lollichon are doing great jobs. They don’t get the publicity I get each week but without Steve it would have been different for me.”

The Dutch coach also explained how the team could improve results since he took over in December:

“They don’t have to answer me with words but they have done it with their performances.

“We weren’t hoping, we were expecting (an improvement), because they’ve shown it in the past.

“When they won the championship there were ups and downs, but at the end of it came the championship. At the beginning there was a lack of confidence but when the results came, and they got used to playing a little bit differently, defending with a higher block, they started playing well and enjoying it, which is important. It’s about doing your job and enjoying your job.”

Chelsea can qualify for Europa League for next season and Hiddink, of course, has his opinion about the competition the club won in 2013:

“My personal opinion is that if you play in the Europa League you can bring in young players.

“I don’t want to undervalue it but it’s nice to have games for younger players. We’ve tried to bring young players in and it’s good for them as well.”