Hiddink: “Players didn’t have next season in mind. Unnecessary defeat”

Hiddink: “Players didn’t have next season in mind. Unnecessary defeat”

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Chelsea boss Guus Hiddink spoke after the 1-0 defeat at Swansea, the first one of his career in the Premier League:

We expected a difficult game here of course,’”he started.

“They needed three points theoretically, whereas we were safe already. We had already achieved a rather soft target. We expected a lot of opposition.  

“In the first 20 mins we created some half-chances, but we were sloppy in materialising those options, thinking maybe it would come later. No. If you don’t materialise those, there is a law in football everyone knows which is that you can get in trouble, which we did not long after, going 1-0 down.

“In the second half we played most of the time in one half but we weren’t able to create a lot of chances.”

About his record and the 15 games unbeaten run he said:

“It’s not a personal objective [staying unbeaten], but at the same time if it’s the objective then you win games, Chelsea win games, the team wins.

“You can see now we have given some younger players opportunities to play. There is a risk you can lose more easily than when everyone is on board.

“I prefer to give chances to people playing less frequently and then having the risk of defeat, although today’s defeat was unnecessary.”

Hiddink also explained why he chose Begovic over Courtois:

“The idea behind it was that Begovic, being a good goalie, which he has proven already in many Premier League games, is doing his job as a professional very well in training to keep himself in shape.

“Every training session he is 100 per cent committed and on top of that he is helping out Thibaut Courtois in a very good professional way, and that’s why I rewarded him by having him play at least once.”

On Miazga‘s performance and substitution at half time he said:

“We had had some half-chances which we were not sharp enough to materialise. We went 1-0 down with some sloppy defensive work and on top of that he had a yellow card, and I didn’t want to take the risk of him getting a second yellow. That was the main reason to make the substitution.”

Asked if the announcement of Antonio Conte being the new manager since next season made an impact on the team, he said:

“I don’t think so because what we did in the second half was play with more pace and more pressure. The players didn’t have next season in mind.”