Hiddink: “Players must show now what they’re capable of”

Hiddink: “Players must show now what they’re capable of”

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Chelsea boss Guus Hiddink © Francesca Ceciarini

New Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink spoke to preview Boxing Day game against Watford.

He focused on Diego Costa and then revealed the targets of this season:

“I’ve worked with Diego Costa a few days, and in the past I’ve seen him on television a few times.

“From what I experienced in the last few days, and I must also take into consideration the last game he played against Sunderland, he was in control.

“He was focused more on what he is hired for here, and that is to help to score or to assist and not going into other things. I think he was well controlled when I experienced him in the last days. I cannot have any complaints about him.

“He’s an emotional guy. A long time ago, I was captain of my team and the manager substituted me at half-time. I wasn’t used to that. I thought I’d performed but I threw off my armband and threw it at him.

‘It was also an emotional reaction born of frustration. It was a sign of frustration. Sportsmen, even though they are on camera, are allowed to show a bit of emotion, but they must know five or 10 seconds later that they’re wrong.

“I think Diego can focus on what he is able to do. I cannot guarantee there won’t be an outburst from him or others, but they have to focus on what they’re good at.

The Dutch coach explains that, for him, the fourth position is not impossible, but it’s not the only target he set for Chelsea for this season:

“Generally, I set targets: the target is, because mathematically it’s possible, to get in fourth position. To do that we have to be exclusively good. If the target is impossible, don’t set it, but I did put that to them.

“Then the Champions League; and then the FA Cup. There are three targets still to go for. On top of that, or as a foundation of that, the players must show now what they’re capable of.”