Hiddink reveals he can rest Costa and other players with PSG in...

Hiddink reveals he can rest Costa and other players with PSG in mind

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Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink © Francesca Ceciarini

Guus Hiddink press conference ahead of Norwich clash in Premier League

SOUTHAMPTON – “We had a very good win in a difficult stadium, everybody’s performances improved in the last couple of weeks, of course now we have a tight schedule but we have to go on.”

TARGETS – “When I started in december we were close to the relegation zone, 1 point, and the first objective was to get out of this as soon as possible I think the team did well and in a short time we did it, of course Chelsea must have bigger targets.”

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE qualification – “The fourth spot is difficult, but of course we would like to go where Chelsea belong.”

NEXT MANAGER – “I expressed my view other times, I said that the club can have my opinion, whenever things are done the club can be transparent. Clear for everyone.”

CALMNESS – “As long as calmness not translated setting back a bit. You have to go with stability forwards and see what can be done in the future, to get this club where he belongs, and it belongs in the top of England, that’s obvious”.

TITLE RACE – “I hope it will be nice, but It will not be nice, Chelsea should be involved in other way  around as these clubs are in May.  For Chelsea ideal situation to have it other way around. Realistically we will be part of it in May.”

STABILITY – “You have to go with stability, you have to get this club where he belongs.”

BABA RAHMAN – “We have slightly talked to him, you could see he realised he did a big mistake by the way he pulled his shirt on his face after Southampton goal, at half time he was sitting in the dressing room and he was very down, that’s why we made a change. He has to recover, you cannot always wait, he did some decent games recently but of course defensively he has to improve.”

PATO – “Pato is eager to play, the other strikers are ok, Diego of course is the number one, I am happy with Traore progression, I look also to this, he and Remy are in the position to compete.

“Pato is able to play part of the game now, but once more I underlined that we consider the chance for the young guys. We see tomorrow if he will be on the bench.

“In the near future we see what we can do with him, that’s why we got him on loan, at the moment the other strikers are bit ahead in this moment, I like fair competion.”

PEDRO INJURY – “Pedro yesterday was here for treatment, normally this kind of injury are not resolved in a few days, but I have to speak to the medical staff to know better.”

BUSY SCHEDULE – “We look to our busy schedule now and this means we have to have a serious approach with Norwich and Stoke, but we have to be careful with some players.”

FALCAO – “Falcao is now touching the grass in treatment, we see how he will progress.”

DIEGO COSTA – “Having next week’s game with PSG in mind is possible that Diego Costa may rest in the next games, yes.”

TITLE RACE – “There was a beautiful last minute escape from Leicester against Norwich, all games are very tight, and when you win like this you have a boost to go ahead.”

ATTITUDE – “I am happy with the attitude of the players in training and also in the games.

Possible EUROPA LEAGUE next year – “I think if you can compete in the EL and you have a big squad, you can give opportunities to the youngsters.”

TERRY – “John is touching the pitch, he’s running, so we see how he reacts to treatment by the end of the week. With this kind of injuries you must be very careful because you can easily have a setback.”

VAN GAAL falling – “I also have had judo able to do so as well, but no, I wouldn’t do it.”

IVANOVIC – “Ivanovic is doing very well as a central defender, with Cahill they are doing very well, they defense strongly, plus Ivanovic is one of the top headers in the league, in his career made a lot of goals like this.”

BIG SQUAD – “Mainly I am happy to have choice problems in the matchdays, it’s always good for a manager to have a lot of players to pick from the squad.”

RUBEN LOFTUS-CHEEK – “We always do analysis on how he has to progress, we are working specifically with him to see how he can improve, I think he will have his minutes in the upcoming games.”