Hiddink: “Terry is very eager to train and play”

Hiddink: “Terry is very eager to train and play”

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Before the FA Cup with Scunthorpe Guus Hiddink praised Chelsea captain John Terry, that at 35 still got the eager and the ambition of a young player:

“I must say John looks physically fit but also what is important when you are halfway through a season is that he looks fresh in his mind, and he is very eager to train every day and very eager to play.

“One day, not now, the body will say slow down a bit but I have not seen any of that. I have not been asked yet [about Terry’s contract situation] but these guys are very important for Chelsea.

Hiddink also spoke about players at different stages of their career path, beginning with the older ones.

“Normally it depends a bit on the physical shape and genes, but most of the time the players when they are coming to 32 their speed is dropping down and everything is more difficult, but of course there are exceptions. It depends on position as well.

The Chelsea boss also spoke about talented players that sometimes don’t fulfill their potential because they are not good professional and they haven’t got enough success hunger or ambition:

“There are many talented players who have fallen down in what they could have achieved with their talent, not having this super ambition and drive to go all this way and see where the talent can bring you.

“Also lifestyle plays a part, how you like to invest in yourself as a young player. Nowadays there are a lot of attractions in the outside world, so it is how you focus on getting the most out of your talent.

Cesar Azpilicueta suffers a double-fracture in his jaw, meaning that he has wear a mask to play the upcoming games:

“He has a little fracture in his jaw. He needs a mask,” revealed Hiddink who has Nemanja Matic till recovering from a broken nose.

“Maybe we have two Zorros tomorrow!”.