Hiddink: “The door is not shut for Terry, everything is still possible”

Hiddink: “The door is not shut for Terry, everything is still possible”

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Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink © Francesca Ceciarini

Guus Hiddink press conference ahead of Premier League’s game at Watford:

PATO –He is somewhere in fitness, he had worked for a few trainings, I don’t know if he can play, but he is in his preparation so he is not fully fit.

“Paperwork is done and formally he is available, but he has to be ready also physically and mentally, he hasn’t been playing since november, so we have to be careful.

INJURIES – “Falcao is out. Remy has got an injury on his calf since 10 days, so he’s not available.

TERRY“I like very much the way he plays and how much he is committed to the team, he still have his contract to the end of the season and there will be time to speak.

“His statement a bit surprising, but he was entitled to do that.

“I think there was no specific decision, I think he didn’t see any progress of what’s coming up, the decision was from his side and club side

“The door is not shut, everything is always possible.

“John is very fit and he’s not what you normally see in players his age, I had other players that age, also at lower levels, and you could see they had some issues, but this is not his case.

“I think he will be not just professional but also work hard as well.

“Every case is different, you cannot compare Remy and Ramires’ situation to John’s one, Terry is one of the key players.”

Steve Atkins, Chelsea head of commuication and public affaris, intervenes to say the club’s point of view on the iusse: ” We have said we will continue speaking to John.”

The Hiddink goes on:

HIS FUTURE“I try to stay here also for next season, it’s not up to me.

REMY – “I don’t know if the club wanted to sell him. If he can go to China before the end of February? I cannot speak about that.

GUARDIOLA AT CITY – “I think people were expecting this since his exit from Bayern Munich was announced, I think for young managers to act in this league is beautiful.

“England is different from Spain and Germany because there are not dominant teams like there, it’s different but even for him is more attractive. In Spain in September you already know that one between Real Madrid and Barcelona is going to win the league, in Germany there is Bayern’s dominance.

“The big difference is that here you got a big team to play every three days.

“Guardiola is not naif, I know him personally he’s a very stable person.

“When he was playing he was already the tactical leader of the team.I met him once or twice on the pitch, working there with a team who hired the training ground and he was in the second team. He knows the youth as well. He’s very kind, but he’s also a guy that knows what to do.

“The transition to the Premier League is not that difficult because you have, in this case they have, a lot of time to prepare for the new year. They know their plans properly. You can adjust to that. But it’s a new experience, knowing that every week, or every three or four days, there will be huge opposition. But he will know. It’s not his first year in management, and the Spanish guys at Manchester City know this league.”

PELLEGRINI FOR CHELSEA? “That’s up to Chelsea to decide. What I think of him, not having met him or spoken to him, I admire his approach to football, to his team and to the game, and he’s a well balanced manager. I respect him without knowing him.”

FOURTH SPORT CHANCES-73 points is the maximum we can achieve and usually the fourth spot is not less than 68? I haven’t’ calculated how many points we can make until the end of the season, we go game by game

“We need a sequence of wins now to have some chance.

WATFORD“They gave us a test at Stamford Bridge. They have a very dangerous team who can score at any moment, with strikers who are very dangerous. They have a very well organised team around them.

“Quique Sanchez Flores was my player. I know how he can construct a team and make it solid, very difficult to beat.

“When you compare a bit with the past, my first experience was the FA Cup game against Watford in 2009, a rather easy game for Chelsea on 60% of effort. Nowadays it’s impossible to think like that. It has grown a lot. The gap between the top clubs and the lower qualified clubs has not vanished, but it has been reduced.”

WILLIAN“He was not on the pitch yesterday, because he had a sligh contusion on the foot. Today he will be on the pitch and we’ll see how his reaction is.

MIAZGA“He is not in the squad yet, because he still in preparation. We’ll see tomorrow.”