Hiddink to play Costa against Stoke: “It’s difficult to put a break...

Hiddink to play Costa against Stoke: “It’s difficult to put a break on him”

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Guus Hiddink during last year's spell at Chelsea © Francesca Ceciarini

Guus Hiddink press conference ahead of Stoke City clash at Stamford Bridge

“Every day for me is a good day, if you can touch a grass is a good day, whether it’s sunny or stormy

“Terry is not fit to start this weekend, we see if he can play on wednesday, he’s not with the group, Pedro is in the same situation.

“I don’t think I would risk John, this kind of injury you have to train a lot before to come back to play.

“About other injuries: Pedro is in the same situation as Terry, Zouma was with the physios here the other day.

“The best XI against Stoke City? Of course we have in mind the upcoming two games, but we take PL games very seriously, we must stay with the form of the last weeks.

“If you put your focus on 7 days it’s not good, if you put the focus to far away it’s not a good way to get good results, we climbed up from 15th position to 10th, that I guess is very good.

“Teams on the top 4 are losing points, but other teams are knocking on the door, like West Ham or Stoke, so we have many teams to challenge to enter there.

“Of course top 4 would be a big achievement”

“To my knowledge Abramovich didn’t say anything about the next manager.

“I heard about the Champions League restructuring or European Super League but it seems more a brain storming about the big clubs. I think teams like Leicester this year deserve to be in the next Champions League. That’s the real sport, we must not forget the value of sport, Leicester with all respect are knocking on the door, this is good for the league.

“You must be careful to have always in mind what it’s going on in football. Sometimes we go too much in the commercial side.

“I think first of all the players responded rather well when I came in, the question to everyone was ‘what was your contribution in the last half year? Don’t give me an answer now, I want it in trainings and next games.’ And I guess they responded, and that was important.

“I will be every now and then at Stamford Bridge or Cobham, as a tourist. I am here for a short period, the club are going into a little transition, a new era, they are going in a new era of Chelsea, that is more of 1-2 years.

Diego Costa, it’s difficult to put a break on him, maybe he won’t have a full game, we monitor him with data of medicals and physics, he’s in good shape, but of course we won’t overload him. It’s difficult to stop him, tomorrow he will start, there is only one Diego Costa.

“We live in an emotional world, but sometimes we gotta be rational as well, there is always a danger, and he can be rational as well.

“Big clubs know that you must have a good regular season and in March-April there are the rewards and you have to be there at the top, these are crucial months.

“John Terry against PSG? It depends how good he is in training, we will know on Monday. He’s always restless when he’s injured, but I won’t take any risk with him.

“We will do a little game to test him on Monday/Tuesday.

Willian is playing very well, physically he’s in great shape, he also recover very well btw games, it’s nice to see him playing, it’s beautiful for the eyes, it’s good to play in a nice way, but he is also efficient, I guess he deserves to be in the PL team of the year”