Hiddink: “Today’s game has given us confidence to face PSG”

Hiddink: “Today’s game has given us confidence to face PSG”

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Guus Hiddink press conference after Chelsea v Newcastle 5-1.

“We are unbeaten since December but we weren’t really proud because there were too many draws, we wanted the status of being unbeaten with victories, that’s why this is good.

“We tried to surprise them in the early period of the game, in which we succeeded with two beautiful goals, and the first 20 minutes were decisive.

“We have two big games coming up. We’ll see what the damage is tomorrow after an intense game but it’s good to go there coming off a win.

“The only thing we are not happy with, which is a good sign, was when we conceded the goal. We were sloppy in losing possession and we didn’t defend well. I was happy to see the players were not happy.”

John Terry got injured during the game and the boss provided a little more information about it:

“There will be an examination tomorrow, hopefully it’s a small muscular problem. It’s in his hamstring, there will be a scan and we’ll know more.

“It’s difficult and we also have a huge FA Cup game. We have to stay calm and make wise decisions towards Tuesday and the upcoming week.”

Hiddink praised Diego Costa for his performance:

“He wanted to play desperately and when the mask was fitted he said he could play. The way the first goal was scored was typical of a striker in good shape. He’s focusing on what he has to do and choosing his moments perfectly.”

Also Pedro and Eden Hazard played a good game:

“I’m happy Eden played 90 minutes, that’s why we brought him to a higher level step by step, I think that will benefit him a lot. Let’s see how he can perform on Tuesday.

Pedro is so hard working and very responsible; he knows what to do defensively and covers all the spaces. He’s so hard working so it’s good he was rewarded with goals.”

Hiddink also spoke about Tuesday’s game against PSG, who rested seven players for their weekend fixture.

“They can afford to do that because they are doing well and are unbeaten. They have much more rest than we have but we must consider when the Premier League teams play in Europe to give them an extra day’s recovery. The second day after a performance with intensity is for rest and recovery, but we have to prepare for this game.

“I’m strongly in favour, when you have to play on Tuesday [in Europe], to play on Friday. I know there are commercial reasons not to do so but I think sport has to come out on top. I think any doctor will support what we say as coaches and managers.

“The game against PSG will be much more difficult, they are unbeaten since August but today’s game has given us confidence.”