Hiddink wants his players to be physical

Hiddink wants his players to be physical

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Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink has admitted that he likes his players to have a physical edge to their game. He enjoys watching his players battle with passion, not just on the pitch but with each other during training.

Not long after Hiddinks arrival there was a training ground incident between fiery Diego Costa and attacking midfielder Oscar. Hiddink believes there was nothing too serious about the ‘bust up’ because the 2 are very good friends.

“In the same second they [Oscar and Costa] knew, because they are friends, that they were threatening each other, and deep down asked ‘what are we doing?’

“I like when they go on the edge. Not fighting but resistance. The best players in the league are also strong players, you feel that. There are a lot of benefits to gather when you are well equipped with your balance and your physical fitness.”

“It’s not always you have to be a big, big guy but when I see for instance, you see it often in the defensive part of the game.

“For instance Willian is not a big guy but is fighting into duels defensively as well. He’s smart to do so and willing to do so. That’s the modern footballer.”