Hiddink: “We needed one more day to rest, but TVs demand”

Hiddink: “We needed one more day to rest, but TVs demand”

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Chelsea interim manager Guus Hiddink © Francesca Ceciarini

It was a disappointed Guus Hiddink the one that appeared in the press room after the defeat at Everton that knocked Chelsea out of the FA Cup.

The Blues boss complained about the games schedule, that could have been better for Chelsea:

You mustn’t underestimate playing in the Champions League, then two days later having to play an intense game here.

“That’s not a complaint but they had a week to prepare which was an advantage in the last 15 minutes of the game. One more day of rest favoured by the FA would have been very suitable for us.

“Television is demanding, sometimes against the health of the players. That’s a bit of criticism from my side and not because we lost.”

Hiddink also spoke about the bad mood in the dressing room after this defeat:

“When you have a defeat after a well-controlled game until around the 70th minute, then it’s a disappointment and you must let people be disappointed. There is no time in that moment to speak.

“The players like to win. Most of them are used to winning. It has been difficult to try and achieve a Champions League place and maintain two roads to have success, which were the FA Cup and the Champions League. They are gone now. That’s a pity.

“When you play for a big club you must play with responsibility and pride when the season is as it is now. We will stipulate that. We have to go on with pride for the club. We have the obligation to do so and we will emphasise that to the players.”

About Diego Costa red card following the incident with Gareth Barry he said:

“I haven’t seen it and when I do then I will give a fair judgment. It’s difficult now to talk about this incident.

“I don’t want to give a judgement on this but he was chased a bit in the game as well. They went after him. They knew it. It’s within the rules but also as a referee you must protect the situation a bit. I’m not saying protect with capitals, but knowing and feeling the atmosphere when there are very small but many provocations. Then comes the moment to give judgement, but I haven’t seen it so I would only be speculating.

“I like him and I still like that he goes towards the edge. He desperately wanted to play today. It would have been better to rest him but it’s not the type of game to rest players. You like to have all the big players on board.”