Hiddink: “We take Newcastle seriously, we need to win”

Hiddink: “We take Newcastle seriously, we need to win”

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Chelsea boss Guus Hiddink © Francesca Ceciarini

Guus Hiddink press conference ahead of Newcastle

“Not much team news, the only thing is that yesterday in training Diego got his nose broken, he was very unlucky, he will return today, since he got a mask to weat, so we are a Zorro team. Today he will come back and do some light training of the afternoon to get used with the form and the fitting of mask. It was a small incident with a youngster training with us, very unlucky. He might be available.

“I called Zouma a few hours before operation, and he was in good mood like nothing had happened, he was very confident, he will be out for many months. It’s a sport tragedy for him, just in a period where he was improving a lot in his game, so he won’t be available for Champions League in France or EURO 2016, so it will be tough for his career.

“We will see what will happen with Terry’s contract”

“For the defense I also have a kid of the academy – Jake Clarke Salter- training with us, but we have also Matt that has joined for a few weeks already, we have also Ivanovic, and we can play Baba and Azpilicueta, we have options to choose”

“We take this game very seriously and we want to climb up in the table, we take Newcastle very seriously, but we have to remind that next week we have a suspension for Matic, so maybe we have some little changes, but not so much.

“I see the players very focused on what they have to do now, I don’t hear any sound among the squad about next season.

“I think this squad we have now will stay until the end of the season, we have to be careful, we need double cover for every position.

“Falcao is progressing, he’s not in the Champions League list but for him it’s important to be fit fit fit.

“I like to win every game but it’s not realistic, especially in this league, EPL can become a little more open and attractive.

“Pato not available this weekend, he is in the second week in his pre-season, both him and Miazga are doing extra program, next weekend we will see what is fitness is.

“He’s progressing, he came from holiday, but now after ten days he’s progressing. He will go under a harder program, and at the end of next week he will be better, he needs more speed.

“I heard a lot of statements of colleagues of mine about the ticket situation, football has changed a lot in the last years, for TV rights, sponsors etc but we must not forget the players are there to perform and there is also a public, that is there to enjoy football, the public is the most important thing

“Sometimes the unexpected can happen, and the youngsters can come up and we have no fear to bring them.

“Miazga is a youngster and he has to get used to our level, it’s a little bit faster, he’s a good guy, very professional, he was keen to come here now so he could integrate now and not at the end of the season.

“Of course the status of being unbeaten sounds good, but realistically we would have wished to have more wins, especially at home, and now we have the chance to do it with Newcastle, but they got a good squad, they even improved it.

“When I came in December they were, I cannot say tired, but there was a very uncertain situation, not tired, but they were a little insecure in that situation, and now we got an unbeaten run of games, but now we would like to go into the next steps and get victories.

“Diego Costa is showing that he is important for the team, everyone was critical on him, we controlled himself very well and we are happy for what he does on the pitch and outside of the pitch.

“Hazard came from a couple of injuries, we made a special program for him to get fitter, now he has to play more.

“I respect PSG but I want to focus on Newcastle.

“I live in London, that I like very much, I lived in Amsterdam and many other places that I enjoyed very much, also France.”