Hiddink would prefer Drogba to have a coaching staff role

Hiddink would prefer Drogba to have a coaching staff role

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Guus Hiddink in the stands with Blues legend Didier Drogba during Sunderland game © Francesca Ceciarini

It seems Chelsea legend Didier Drogba is very close to get a role in the Blues backroom staff, as reports coming from Canada says his current team, Montreal Impact, are looking for a striker to replace him.

Also Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink spoke about this option, stating he would prefer him to work close to the squad and the other players at the training ground:

“A few days ago before the Sunderland game I said that those rare kind of former players with this status would be very good for any club to have,” Hiddink told reporters.

“Especially him because he’s a Chelsea legend, but for the moment we have to respect his contract with Montreal.

“It depends on the player himself, you need to give them time and opportunities to find out what the best is for them.

“It may be on the coaching staff or maybe as an ambassador, but that is too official and functional for me.

“They need to go into the squad and help players with their experience.

“I am not in favour of a big ambassador role – travelling round the world with a tie on. They must give their huge experience to help especially the young kids and helping older ones with problems in their career.”