Holland claims he will be proud to help Hiddink and Chelsea to...

Holland claims he will be proud to help Hiddink and Chelsea to climb on the table

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Steve Holland spoke also to Sky Sports after the win against Sunderland.

The Chelsea coach was first asked how did he enjoy the game in charge, with win included:

“Enjoyed is not the right word, it has been a traumatic couple of days, very difficult for everybody concerned, when I say everybody I mean everybody. I think the pleasant thing today was for the club, we could three very important three points, which hopefully will help to move forward.

“I would  not say the dressing room before kick off was over-anxious, but you have been through a period like the one the team, the club and the players have been through lately is normal to be self-doubt, the bonus today was that, unlike the previous matches where we haven’t scored the first goal, to be turned up so early, it was definetely a relief of tension, and you could see some signs of confidence coming back.

“I think our good start, the first 15-20 minutes we played, was just a consequence of the situation today and everything that was involded, scoring the first two goals so early released the tension, I think there had been times in previous matches this season that the team has played well, for whatever reason not got a goal. The confidence level was different, today you could see that sometimes the confidence was coming back.

On the moment he’s living after the sack of his friend José Mourinho:

“I think it’s been very difficult, especially for how I feel…but then you have a face to put on, the responsibility was to get the team through this game, so as I said there is a ‘how you feel’ and a face you have to put in front of the players: I’ve known Jose for two and half years, not only he is an exceptional coach but he is an exceptional guy, you don’t see the other side of him, you see the competitor in front of the camera, he is somebody I give a lot of respect both as a coach and as a person, and it was a privilege and a honour to work with him so, as I said, it were a very difficult few days but I am happy for the club today, they managed to get three very important points.

Holland was asked about the fans booing Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa when substituted:

“I think the supporters are entitled to have their opinion, obviously has been a difficult period from everybody, I am not a big social media guy, I wouldn’t pretend to know how it works, nevermind the sort of conversations had over it, so what the reasons were and the rest of if…I have no idea. But as I said the supporters are entitled to have their own opinion. I have to say today, you are asking me about today, I can only talk about today, I think the players gave everything today and the two players you mentioned particularly made a big contribution for a very important win for Chelsea today. 

“I don’t think in my position I can tell somebody with the experience of Guus Hiddink what he should or shouldn’t be doing. I think sometimes a fresh head, a fresh way of looking at it, it’s a good thing anyway. He is an experienced guy, he will know what to do, I am sure. I think the job of the manager at Chelsea, it’s a job for an experienced guy, a guy who is used to work with big players at the highest level and Guus clearly fits that bill, so I am sure he will find his own way, obviously if he asks for my opinion I will give him my honest opinion. 

“I will stay 100%, Chelsea is a fantastic club, I have been here for seven years, one role or another, Chelsea as a club has always been very fair to me and I will be proud to continue from now to the end of the season with Guus, and I hope the club can climb on the table.