Holland:”We are in trouble, we can talk around it or deal with...

Holland:”We are in trouble, we can talk around it or deal with the reality”

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Assistant first team coach Steve Holland who overseen training following the departure of Jose Mourinho in a few words commented on the mood in the team after the departure of the Portuguese coach. He pointed out, however, that Chelsea must go forward and is now focusing on the match against Sunderland at Stamford Bridge.

Holland told Chelsea TV:

”They have reacted totally professionally as we would have expected. It really is a case now of what has happened has happened, we can’t affect that, we have to look forward and we have an important game, a game we have to do everything possible to try to win.”

”It is always important. When the manager changes it is a reflection of a bad period, a period that I am sure everybody, players and staff, take responsibility over. It is a collective thing, whether you are a coach or a player.”

”You have to have some responsibility in your life, whether it is in association with something that is positive in your life or whether it is something negative. I think they accept their responsibility and will be determined to do something about it.”

Asked about the plans of the team for the nearest future he said:

‘We are in trouble, we can talk around it or deal with the reality. We are in December and we are one point above the line of relegation, so we are in trouble and there is no alternative, everybody has to focus on giving their total commitment to the club moving forwards and first and foremost to our game against Sunderland. We have to be ready with everybody pulling in the same direction to try and move the club up the league which is what I am sure everybody wants.”

Sunderland coach Sam Allardyce said he wanted to take advantage of confusion in the Chelsea to win today’s match. Holland also commented on this statement:

”Sam is a guy I have great respect for and I have known him for a long time. When I worked in the north-west he was at Bolton Wanderers and his teams are always very competitive and difficult to beat. He prides himself in the defensive organisation of the team and clean sheets, so it will be a game where we have to play well to break them down but they are also a team that have a threat in counter attack and we will need to be always well-balanced and with high concentration, because they are a team that also has a threat. They are obviously not doing well, they are down at the bottom but they have picked up a little bit since Sam has arrived albeit they lost their home game last week. We are expecting nothing other than a difficult game. In this league every game is difficult. ”

Assistant first team coach has praised all Chelsea fan for their unbelievable support for the team:

”It is good to be at home. Our supporters have been really fantastic. I think our away support is second to none in the country in terms of numbers and the support that they give the team but our home support has been really exceptional in recent games as well, better than normal and that is not a criticism of normal, and we need everybody onside for this game. We are all part of the same club and we all want the same objective and we need to all be pulling in the same direction to hopefully get the result everybody wants”