Ibrahimovic: “Just warming up, Champions League is not my obsession”

Ibrahimovic: “Just warming up, Champions League is not my obsession”

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the press conference before the game with Chelsea © Francesca Ceciarini

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: “I feel young, age is just a number, I am the same player even if I do not win Champions League. When I was young for me it was an obsession, but now I’m happy for my career. I’m just warming up, I’m not old. I am grateful to have played with some of the greatest club in the world”

JOHN TERRY: ¨I missed him in the game in Paris, I would like him to play tomorrow, if he is not on the pitch the team is not the same. He is one of the best players for Chelsea, so without him the game will not be the same as with Terry on the pitch. If we will play as we can play I think we have good possibilities to win: we have to follow orders and what mister tell us to do.”

PARIS SAINT GERMAIN: “Project of PSG is the same of Chelsea but ten years later”
Future: “I think my future is to have other months with Psg and then with Sweden, I am not worried about the future. It looks good, I’m not old as many people said. I am just warming up”.

THE MATCH: “The key of tomorrow’s match? I will keep it as a secret.”