Is Mourinho on his way to Manchester United?

Is Mourinho on his way to Manchester United?

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Mourinho hugs Van Gaal in his last visit to Old Trafford with Chelsea © Francesca Ceciarini

Manchester United is going through a bad run after a good start of the season, and Van Gaal’s job is every day more on the brink.

After failing to qualify for Champions League Round of 16 – they qualified anyway for Europa League Round of 32- the team lost firs to Bournemouth away and then to Norwich at Old Trafford, both games for 2-1. Last win was one month ago in Watford, and the team dropped to challenge for the top of the table to fifth place.

Van Gaal‘s position is very delicate in this moment and both the club and the manager hinted that he won’t extend his contract with the Red Devils that will run out in the end of this season.

Now ex Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is most serious candidate to succeed his friend and mentor at Old Trafford. 

It’s well known that the Portuguese coach got an excellent relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson, for whom he got always a huge respect.

And in all of his years managing we barely remember a critic to Manchester United as a club and as a team or to their managers: Mourinho always paid a huge respect to them, even when he was the Real Madrid boss and knocked them out of the Champions League, the referee took a bunch of bad decisions against the Red Devils and Jose seemed to be almost sorry for that, instead of celebrating a huge success for his team. It was March 2013, and he already agreed a pre-deal for his return to Chelsea.

It seems like Mourinho always wanted to leave a door open for a possible job at Manchester United, a club that he always admired for giving their managers the time to work, and probably now his great chance will come.

Manchester United also got a great respect for the former Blues boss, even though Sir Bobby Charlton once claimed Jose is not in the top list of his favourites: “Mourinho is a really good coach but that’s as far as I would go really. He pontificates too much for my liking. He’s a good manager, though,” but this was three years ago, and things could have changed.

The curious thing is that if Van Gaal will get the boot in this Christmas week, we could see the former ,boss facing his ex beloved team very soon, in fact Manchester United v Chelsea is scheduled in just one week, for Sunday 28th of December: it would be really really curious to see what would happen there, with karma biting back very soon.