Ivanovic: “We don’t need to rush to win the title”

Ivanovic: “We don’t need to rush to win the title”

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Branislav Ivanovic has been one the most important players in this Chelsea season, one of the ones Mourinho could always rely on, since he barely missed a game and was never substituted in the Premier League.

He looks back at this incredible campaign and at the forthcoming matches with Chelsea official website:

When you look at each game, one by one, you will see I have missed some in the cups, but yes, it’s still a lot,’ agrees Ivanovic.

‘As a squad we have great guys who can play every game; those possibilities are very important. We have been doing well all season so we haven’t had to try to change things too much”

‘It’s been a very long season. When you look at the first couple of games we played in the league it feels like it was two years ago! So it’s been very tough for us but we’re coming to the end now and we must stay focused”

‘We have six games to go and psychologically our first aim is to win the title as soon as possible, but we don’t need to rush. We have to study every game, we have to handle every game and we hope to win it as soon as possible.’

John Terry and Eden Hazard are the other only two Chelsea footballers that started all the 32 League games, speaking about the Belgian player he said:

“He is flying: in my opinion it’s been the best season of his career!

“He’s made a difference every game. All season he has got a lot of kickings but he never complains. He’s a hard worker on the pitch. He’s improved massively from last season and for us he has been the most important player”

“I see him every day in training and I’ve played a lot of games with him. He’s the guy who when you pass him the ball you just have to leave him alone. He will do everything. He’s something different”.