John Terry praises Jose Mourinho

John Terry praises Jose Mourinho

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John Terry has revealed the reasons why Jose Mourinho is the best manager he has ever worked with.

John Terry aged 34, has established himself as the keystone of the Chelsea defence and placed all the credit to the feet of his manager Jose Mourinho and said :

“He knows what button to press and what makes me tick. And when he came back this time, I got that little phone call saying I need you to hit the ground running. People have written you off”.

“There’s only one manager. It’s his handling of different players differently and he does it superbly. He knows if I make a mistake he can tell me, some players you can’t. He’s just inspiring and, for me, there’s none better at drawing the best out of people than Jose Mourinho”

Terry claims Jose Mourinho feels everyone’s mood and knows which player is not giving his best despite the fact that his actions looks very bizzare sometimes, he added:

“Sometimes you’re losing a game at half-time, which doesn’t happen often at this club, and you expect to come in and get a rollicking..But you come in and the manager is calm, collected, the complete opposite.

“He’s like: Listen, we’re going to win the game. We’re going to get an early goal…And he talks you through it.Then other times you’ll be winning two or three-nil and you’ll come in happy at half-time and he’ll go ballistic. Tables will go over, bottles of water will go flying. You think, ‘Where’s that come from?”