Keown: “He has lost the players”

Keown: “He has lost the players”

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Former Arsenal defender Martin Keown has said that the breakdown in the relationship between players and manager cost Jose Mourinho his job.

The Portuguese was sacked on Wednesday afternoon, seven months after winning the title, with Chelsea having won four and lost nine of their 16 league games this season.

Despite Mourinho claiming that he felt “betrayed” by some players after Monday night’s 2-1 defeat to Leicester, Keown says that the Chelsea players shouldn’t feel embarrassed or responsible for what has happened:

“Embarrassed? No I don’t think so. This has been an accident waiting to happen.

“Mourinho talked about betrayal this weekend. Go back to October and he was talking about rats within the camp. There have been big problems right from the start of the season.

“I take you back to the Community Shield. What about his reaction to a non-handshake from Arsene Wenger. He then threw his medal.”

Speaking to Radio 5 Live earlier today, Keown has also voiced doubts as to whether Mourinho “has the patience” to stay at any club for the long-term, and states that divides between players and manager had long been visible:

“It has imploded in front of our eyes,” Keown said.

“It is astonishing. I saw players who were not giving everything.

“He has lost the players. There is no trust there, respect is gone. Ultimately it is easier to change a manager than 22 players.”