Leicester City vs Chelsea: Half time report

Leicester City vs Chelsea: Half time report

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Chelsea are looking to close in for the title as they need just five points to be crowned Champions this season. They can either be won or dropped by Arsenal.

Chelsea take on Leicester City who look for safety and avoid relegation so what happened in the first half

Chelsea took quite a while to get into the rhythm as Leicester kept applying relentless pressure on the blues affording very little space but Chelsea have managed to get back into it and claim the possession of the ball most of the time

Most of the thirty minutes have been played in Leicester City’s half as Chelsea took full control but controlling isn’t winning and the moment the Blues are 1-0 down as Matic missed a tackle in¬† midfield allowing Ulloa to slide Vardly through the left

It could prove to be a massive goal for the foxes and Chelsea need to back into it really quickly