“Mathematically, it’s open” – Mourinho

“Mathematically, it’s open” – Mourinho

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Jose Mourinho believes that the title race is still open, despite Chelsea being seven points clear with a game in hand.

The Blues face QPR in a London derby on Sunday, but the 52-year old Chelsea boss is not taking anything for granted even in this late stage.

When asked which teams, if any, were a threat to Chelsea, Mourinho said: “All of them. Mathematically, it’s open. Every team with 21 points distance to us, mathematically, is in the race. But being objective, a team with seven, eight, nine points difference is obviously still in the race.”

One of the shocks this season has been the decline of Manchester City – they currently sit in a lowly fourth, despite being the current Champions. But Mourinho isn’t surprised by the unexpected demise.

“No I’m not surprised because this is the Premier League. In other competitions, it’s difficult to believe that the top team can lose four, five, six, seven matches in a season. It’s very difficult. In almost every country it’s very difficult for the top teams to lose so many matches. But here, yes, here it’s possible.

“So no, I’m not surprised. It’s happening to everybody, everybody loses matches and everybody loses points.”

After Manchester City’s shock 2-1 defeat to Crystal Palace, many are calling Chelsea ‘Champions Elect’. This could become reality if Chelsea beat Arsenal and other results go their way.