Matic: “We can be in the first 6”

Matic: “We can be in the first 6”

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Chelsea Central midfielder Namanja Matic told Chelsea TV that he believes the Blues can still reach the top 6 despite a slow start to the season.

“It’s very important to win games.

“We’re a big team and we have to do this if we want to be closer to the first four. It’s very difficult to catch them, but we’ll try our best to win every game.

“I think we can be in the first six, but we will try to win every game. I know it’s difficult, maybe impossible, but in football anything can happen.

“We will go game by game, step by step, and we will see in the end where we finish in the league.”

Chelsea currently find themselves in 8th position only 5 points behind 5th placed Manchester United.