Mourinho admits Muto deal “won’t just be football”

Mourinho admits Muto deal “won’t just be football”

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Japanese star Yoshinori Muto

Jose Mourinho admitted that Chelsea can sign Japanese star Yoshinori Muto.

As we reported FC Tokyo midfielder was linked to the Blues and Mourinho revealed in his latest press conference that if the deal will happen it won’t be just strictly related to football:

“I know Muto a little bit as a player but I don’t think is nice to speak about a player of FC Tokyo. In modern football, now football is an industry, you have to think about the financial situation, especially a club like Chelsea that want to respect FPF rules, but as a football club we don’t want to bring here a player that does not have good qualities or cannot be a good prospect

“We can say, that is more than football, more than management, in this modern times you cannot close the door to this kind of things…but we would not bring, ever, a player with no football qualities or capacity for the Chelsea Football Club squad”.