Mourinho decides not to appeal Stoke’s ban

Mourinho decides not to appeal Stoke’s ban

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Speaking at his pre-match press conference Jose Mourinho has confirmed that Branislav Ivanovic has returned to training and is fit for the match against Stoke City tomorrow. He has also said that he decided not to appeal against his one-match stadium ban.

Mourinho said:

“The match is tomorrow and I know the result of the appeal already, so I decide to give up,”

”“I think it’s stupid to fight a fight you know you already lose. I travel with the team, until the moment somebody stops me, which I think is the stadium compound.”

“This stadium ban is connected to words, to complaints.

“I can imagine that in the future we are going to have lots of managers with stadium bans, because the stadium bans should be related to something really serious.”

“In this moment it’s open for in the future the stadium ban to happen much more times, unless we have our association or other associations around Europe that question in a very serious and legal way about the rights of the managers and having stadium bans.”

Asked how Mourinho plans to watch the contest, he said: “You can imagine that it’s not easy. You can imagine how I feel. And I don’t want to speak a lot about it.”

“I have no plans. Maybe I sit in the street corner with my iPad.”

“Maybe I don’t even watch the game.”

“To speak about it I have to go deeper, I have to go to the dimension of the situation.”

“One thing is not to be on the bench. Because against West Ham the referee told me not to be on the bench in the second half, but nobody told me to leave the stadium.”

“In this moment I’m stopped not just to do my work, I’m stopped from going to a football stadium.”

“Ivanovic is good,”

”Falcao is injured and he will be for a few weeks.”

”Courtois is still out.”