Mourinho: “I don’t want a bigger squad, I want my players to…”

Mourinho: “I don’t want a bigger squad, I want my players to…”

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Chelsea was often criticized by pundits, fans and journalists in the last months for the style of play: very pragmatic and with not very offensive displays.

It’s true that the last six Premier League victory came for just one-goal margin, as well it’s true that the team got the best goal difference and also is the side that lost fewer games in the League. Maybe these people also forgot what a fantastic football Chelsea played until december, securing a great part of their current advantage – also a mental advantage- in the months of the season.

Mourinho now analyses this situation, explaing what happened and why the team changed their style of playing in an interview to Chelsea website:

“In the first part of the season we had Courtois, Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry, Azpilicueta, Matic and Fabregas, Willian, Oscar, Hazard and Diego Costa”

“Everybody knew the Chelsea team. We then progressively lost the balance of our team. From a certain moment Diego was injured, Diego was suspended,  Matic was suspended, Fabregas was injured, Diego was injured again”

“When you lose crucial pieces in your team the team loses certain kinds of qualities. I didn’t think about it; it was just a consequence of things. When I go to the cup final with Zouma in that position and the triangle built in the other way it’s a consequence of Matic’s suspension”

“It’s very enjoyable to deal with the difficult moments, in a strategic way, and for the players to have a great feeling that this is very important. In football the team spirit, the team ethic, and the strategy is like a life raft”

“I don’t want a bigger squad. I want the team to be ready to deal with the problems. As every team normally has, we have had our problems during the season – and we have been able to deal with them”

“I hope to start next season the same way we started this season, because this is the way we want to play, and this is the team we really enjoy. We are the team that has scored the second most goals. We are the team that has conceded the second fewest goals, and we are the team with the fewest defeats”

“We have scored some of the best goals of the season – and I am not speaking about individual actions or spectacular goals like Charlie Adam’s – I am speaking about spectacular team goals. We started that at Burnley with the Schurrle goal, one of the best goals of the season. We have repeated that almost week after week”

“We are having everything in our season. If we manage to win the Premier League we did everything right”.