Mourinho: “I want to win, it’s the way I approach the game”

Mourinho: “I want to win, it’s the way I approach the game”

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Mourinho Van Gaal Old Trafford 2014
Mourinho and Van Gaal at Old Trafford in October 2014 © Francesca Ceciarini

Here is Jose Mourinho’s press conference ahead of Manchester United clash at Stamford Bridge.

To play Man United is to play against one of the best club in the world and against one of the best teams on the PL: it’s what everybody wants and this week I don’t need to motivate my players, it’s an easy job.

“It’s hard to have always the same motivation, the same ambitions…but the reality is these matches are the easy ones, those are the games everybody likes.

“For me chances are 50/50.

Diego Costa is progressing very well and I think he got a chance for the next weekend, our target was Diego to play the last four matches, Arsenal is the sixth match before the end, so if he doesn’t play there is ok…now he’s training alone, in the next week he will train with the rest of the squad.

Hazard is very consistent: one thing is to have talent, but not everyone is able to bring talent to the game, and in my opinion he’s very consistent. He wants to win the Premier League, not the PFA or something like that, but if we win the League and in the top of that he wins also the PFA is good, especially if the award it’s something that comes from fellow players.

“Who is the Manager of the Year for me? I don’t know. Can I win it? I’m the last one who can win it, I never one the Manager of the Month so how I can win the Manager of the Year.

Van Gaal is a very good coach, a very good friend. I don’t know where is he going, the only thing I know is not going to Chelsea for sure, he told me personally, so I’m calm.

Top of the League since day one [I think] is something that people in this country doesn’t like: I think everybody here would like a scenario like the Championship, where you don’t know who will be promoted or will play the playoffs and there are six-seven teams involved, I know this would be the ideal one but we’re trying to do everything to be champions.

“Tomorrow at 7.30 we know the difference between us and Man United, I don’t like the ‘what if’.

I want to win, it’s the way I approach the game.

“Every week when I enter my office in the beginning of the week I have a panel with the squad of the next game…this week I entered and it’s when I realized their squad is amazing in numbers, experience,’s amazing. This week when I looked at their squad I realized what they have, they’re good in every section, even in the defense where they have some injuries, but I know Van Gaal very well and I know he’s fantastic in developing kids, and he gave them a lot of space.

“I went to QPR with Drogba and no strikers of the bench, and we had to cope with injuries and suspensions, I don’t forget when you decided the players that had to be suspended- and I know Van Gaal very well, he knows we have a great squad.

“I consider Van Gaal a very very big friend, despite we went to work in different countries  this feeling of being big friends never changed.

They’re fighting for the title, it’s the feeling they have, the feeling their players have…they’re already fighting for the title.”

About Cuadrado: “It’s different to play in Italy and England, it’s different to play for Fiorentina or for Chelsea, a players needs time, I will give him time…the pressure is different…step by step he will have his time. I think he can have a fantastic season next season”

“The safest option [to win the League] is to win and make 11 points.

I have no thoughts about Mata coming back to Stamford Bridge, or my thoughts don’t count: he’s a very correct boy, top professional…everybody in this club have a nice opinion about him, he gave a lot to this club and wished him luck when he left.

What is in my mind is how to win 3 points tomorrow: we know it’s difficult, after the result you will see what happen. We try to think match after match.

Oscar will stay at Chelsea next season, of course. He just signed a contract, two months ago, he’s 23 and he’s in the best period of his career, obviously we don’t want to sell him.

Bamford is a Middlesbrough player until the end of the season, and all this season is very important for his development, it’s the only thing that matters.”