Mourinho:” I will not ask the board for players”

Mourinho:” I will not ask the board for players”

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Ahead of Sunday’s clash against Tottenham at White Hart Lane,Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho spoke during the pre-match press conference.

Mourinho about potential Chelsea’s transfers:

“We’re thinking about what we can do now and we can only get the maximum points from the remaining games in 2015.These stories started when the market closed. I know which players are possible and impossible. I will not ask the board for players. It depends on the club’s intentions and needs whether we can sign anyone.”

On Chelsea’s aims:

”I prefer to say we are fighitng for the title. We need points in the same way we did last season. We are far from the European positions and we have to play every game with ambition and determination. Every point can make a different. We have to fight for every point. We are all focused on our job. We’re not speaking about players or buying and spending.”

Asked whether he thinks that the Spurs were unfairly treated with fixtures:

“When we play in the Champions League and we play a team that’s not involved in European competitions. We played against Dynamo Kiev and then played Stoke two days later.”

“It’s a situation that creates a bigger difference. We played this week. When you play Saturday and then Thursday you have a long time to recover from Thursday to the previous match.”

“When you play Saturday and then Tuesday you are in overload. If you have a longer period to rest you are accumulating. It’s a story that doesn’t convince me. We have a solution for everyone or none for anyone. There are rules to help everyone in Europe. Here, it’s the same for everyone.”

On Harry Kane:

”I only noticed him when he started in the first team and, obviously, it was not difficult to see he is a good striker.”

On Tottenham chances to win the Premier League:

“I am not surprised with what I am seeing, they are a very, very good team. If they said they were in the title race I would say that is not a bluff.”

”When I watch them play, it’s not a surprise for me. If they tell players or manager they are fighting for the title I would not laugh. I’d accept it as the team is very good. The manager is good. The players are good. They have good stability and I think they’re a very good team.”

Asked about his opinion about Leicester leading the Premier League table:

“I don’t know what can happen between now and the end of the season but to be there in November/December is not the same as being there after three or four games but after almost half of the season to be there is an amazing achievement. Can they fight for the title? I think they can give every one of the traditional candidates a scare. They are doing amazingly well. I treat them as a team to respect.”

Asked whether Terry will play at White Hart Lane:

“I don’t know,”

“I don’t want to say it is impossible that he plays, because maybe he pays and you will say I was hiding. I am not hiding. Today he did not train, but we have a little hope that he is possible for Sunday.”

”He’s important to the team but to be fair, I have complete trust in Cahill and Zouma. For the match last Tuesday, I left Zouma out after good performances to play Gary to show him that confidence. They are ready. Zouma and Gary are both ready and if JT doesn’t play, we’ll go with them.”

On Falcao, Fabregas and Ramires:

”Fabregas is fine.

Ramires has got a little pre-injury. Does he have a chance? He has a chance”

On Ivanovic’s injury :

,, He will be back in the first 15 days of December”