Mourinho: “I’m really proud of Abramovich’s support. I’m struggling to..”

Mourinho: “I’m really proud of Abramovich’s support. I’m struggling to..”

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Ex Chelsea manager José Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

In a short interview to Italian famous newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport Chelsea manager José Mourinho spoke about the club’s backing in the past days to show the unity in this difficult moment for the Blues:

“I’m really proud of it. It shows the faith [Roman] Abramovich has in the manager who has won three Premier League titles with this club. I thank him and continue my work.

About the bad results of the team he stated:

I don’t know what’s wrong. Chelsea’s results right now are truly awful. I cannot, nor do I want to hide the reality. And I’m struggling to find an explanation.

But I can assure you this: I’m working harder than ever before and we will get through this. And then there is the Champions League, which I’m certainly not going to abandon.”

On the currrent Serie A situation, where Fiorentina  – managed by Portuguese coach Paulo Sousa- is top of the table with 18 points and Mourinho’s “Italian team” Inter follow with 16, Jose said:

Paulo [Sousa] is a great coach and I’m happy for him. He worked a lot and hard to get at this point. There are some managers that started from big clubs, without doing some fundamental experiences. He was really humble: he travelled and worked in Hungary, in the English Championship, in Switzerland. And only now that he is ready and prepared he arrived in Italy. He studies. He keeps himself updated. You can see his work in Fiorentina.

On Inter: “I wouldn’t be disappointed if I were an Inter supporter. Compared to the last years Inter is doing very well and they started to be in the title race.

On Inter’s chances to win the title: “In this moment we cannot have an answer, they are in the challengers group: [I guess that] Serie A’s title race has never been so open to many teams like now. Juve seem to be playing a bit like Chelsea, with fatigue, and like Chelsea will recover. It is only a matter of time. Roma and Napoli are two sides that can take advantage of a season without the Bianconeri as super favourites.

On Capello, that a bunch of days ago stated that Mourinho is a top manager but “burns out” his players after 18 months:

I could have commented on his work when he was manager of England or Russia, but I never did. That’s because I prefer to respect the negative moments my colleagues might go through.

I prefer to talk about Fabio Capello for the many great moments of his career filled with extraordinary successes.