Mourinho: “My players showed a fantastic spirit”

Mourinho: “My players showed a fantastic spirit”

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Mourinho’s words after the victory at last minute over Everton

“It was a big game. We found a different Everton, it’s a not a critic, it’s a compliment, a defensive Everton, very well organized, very compact, very dangerous in counter-attack with a lot of long balls for Lukaku. It was very difficult for us because we didn’t have Diego Costa, Oscar and Fabregas these three players have a lot of importance in the dynamic of our game. They were not there and the spirit was really amazing. In the end the pressure was really strong”

“I don’t remember a team that were champions without a couple of victories in the last minute, in my case for sure. Every time I’ve won a league title I had a couple of matches where I won in the last minute. That was the first time for us this season”

“It was a very difficult match, it was a different Everton and when I say that I mean it as a compliment. They played with a low block and defended very well. They gave us the ball and used Lukaku to attack the spaces. They were a very difficult opponent and I’m so happy with the three points”

Mourinho also praised Petr Cech, who made two crucial saves to Lukaku
“He touched the ball twice, he was a spectator, but in the first half it was a very good save and in the second half a super save. That’s what we need, we’ve had it with Courtois and now Petr. It’s so important for a goalkeeper to make a difference”

He also explained why Cech and not Courtois:
“Courtois played three consecutive matches, against Liverpool, Manchester City and Aston Villa, games where he needed to be very focused. Every detail is so important, even when he doesn’t touch the ball, the focus must be permanent and I think a goalkeeper can also be tired. The tiredness isn’t just physical, it’s also from your nervous system”

“Petr has been working really well and hard. In every training session I was getting the feeling his condition was magnificent. Tonight he was the best option for the team, also in terms of leadership”

“john Terry was ill this morning and he was probably out of the game until the last minute, so I thought I needed Petr’s personality and capacity to communicate at the back. The decision was good”

José felt Gareth Barry, who got a red card just before Willian’s winner, could have been sent off earlier in the game
“Barry should have been sent off in the first half because he had a yellow card and he pulled Hazard when he went to attack the last defender, so the second yellow card should have been given there”

The Portuguese manager also claimed Chelsea should have had a penalty for a handball by Steven Naismith
“I think it was a clear penalty but the referee had a fantastic performance, a very difficult performance because when there is one team defending in the box, recovering the ball and playing long to Lukaku, that’s difficult for a referee because he has to be focused on one box and then suddenly, one long ball, and the ball is faster than the referee”

“He had a very stable performance and the official that disallowed our goal [for offside] made a fantastic decision”

Mourinho also praised the team spirit, especially in the last minutes of this dramatic game:
“The players’ will is more important than anything. The nucleus of everything is the players’ desire and you saw that today. A team without lots of important players, with Terry in trouble, Fabregas coming back from injury, Willian slightly injured, without Oscar and without Diego Costa. They showed fantastic spirit”