Mourinho Speaks Highly of Tony Pulis

Mourinho Speaks Highly of Tony Pulis

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Tony Pulis

In anticipation for the upcoming match between the champions and West Bromwich Albion, José Mourinho shared his views on the opposing manager.

“If I owned an English club, which I don’t and which I will never do, I would sign Tony Pulis. It’s as simple as that. He’s a guarantee to achieve what the club wants.”

Throughout his managerial career, Pulis has made a name for himself by never being relegated, despite managing over teams that were at risk – and has been able to maintain this record with West Brom this season.

“His record is absolutely amazing,” Mourinho remarked in the press conference.

“He understands what some people don’t, but I do, and some people don’t rate, but I do, and for me it is the most important thing in football: the relation between what the manager wants and what the team is.”

Mourinho reiterated the need to respect the tie, especially now that Pulis’ successful managing has allowed them to play the match without pressure.